About the Tires and Tails Pet Community

As pet lovers, we know we probably make our pet-less friends roll their eyes with our constant desire to talk about our pets. On top of that, when we take our pets on our adventures with us, we also are now sharing photos of our pets getting to do things our friends can only wish they were doing themselves!

Every pet is unique. Add to that a unique lifestyle, like RVing, and you have unique stories and problems that you really want to talk to others about. Tires and Tails is that place — whether on this website or our active Facebook Group of the same name!

While there are some great informative sites on the internet, most provide one possible solution or insight, and that may or may not work in your situation or with your specific pet. So for each post, we want to share what we did and how that went, but then open up the discussion so you can hear what all sorts of owners have done for all sorts of pets. Hopefully then, you can find one that fits your circumstance more accurately.

Everyone here loves animals. Many of us have done similar things with our pets and/or have similar challenges. Nobody rolls their eyes at a pet story here.

  • We want to see your travel photos with your pets. We love to talk about funny things our pets do.
  • We totally understand how wonderfully frustrating it is to figure out how to keep a happy rolling home for our pets.

Tires and Tails is a community where we discuss all things about mobile pets. Some of us are full-time RVers. Some of us are weekend adventurers. Others are just thinking about it. And some are traveling with their pets in other ways. No matter how you are specifically doing it, there is something we can teach and learn about pets and travel from each other.

How to Benefit Most from the Community

  • Learn from others in the stories.
  • Share with others what your experiences are:
  • Ask others in the group for suggestions, recommendation or advice
  • Ask lots of questions to get the type of information you want to know.
  • Share your great adventure pet photos for us all to enjoy!

So share away. But please be respectful and positive in your interactions. There are no dumb questions, and there is no single right answer for every person or pet. Every pet and situation is unique. Please keep that in mind when responding kindly to others.