Feedback, Suggestions, Your Pet Stories

We’ve worked hard to give you interesting and heartfelt pet stories. But we can do better. How? With your help.

We are trying to be more than just another blog talking AT you. We want to build a thriving community of people that love their lifestyle and the pets that do it with them. So we want lots of feedback, suggestions, and stories from YOU.

Using our knowledge, experiences, and discoveries together, we hope we can provide an even better experience — whether it is in answering each other’s questions, getting a chuckle over a great photo or story, or just getting to chat about the pets we love.

Here are some ways you can be active in the Tires & Tails community:

Comment on stories and articles. Let us know if you have advice or liked a story.

Be active in our Tires and Tails Facebook groups (For Dogs, For Cats) where people ask questions, show off pets and adventures, and learn from each other.

Offer a tip or hack that you have figured out and think would help others to know.

Share a fun or emotional story about your experiences with your pets on the road. We are all pet lovers, and sometimes its just nice to hear other’s real experiences with them, and it feels even better to tell them.

Suggest a product you’d like us to review.

And send us those photos of your fur-children doing fun things and going cool places so we can share them with everyone!



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