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Tough Rubber Chew Toys

Have I mentioned that our young dog Cricket likes to chew? We started with stuffed animal-like toys but she destroyed two of those within the first week of having them. So, we decided on something closer to indestructible like the KONG Classic rubber toy. However, we were already buying so many things for Cricket that we wanted to see if there was a less expensive alternative. What we found was the Sumo Red Rubber Chew Toy. It’s like the KONG Classic with an opening at both ends to stuff treats inside and seems as durable as the KONG. I’ve been able to stuff her regular kibble into it so she can work at it like a puzzle. A friend also told me about spreading coconut oil into the inside of the Sumo to give her another special treat that she can lick for a while. (Coconut oil also happens to be good for the dog’s fur and skin.) So far, Cricket has not destroyed it since she seems to only be an aggressive chewer when it comes to plush toys.

I haven’t tried stuffing the Sumo with wet kibble and freezing it, but I have tried putting peanut butter or cream cheese mixed with kibble into it and it kept her busy for hours. There are many other “recipes” you can use with toys like the KONG and the Sumo. I’m sure Cricket would LOVE for me to try them soon.

Maybe I’ll try one when I know we have to be gone for an extended period of time and she will need to have more to do while she’s in her crate and left alone.

Sumo Red Rubber Chew Toy:

Pros: Cons:
Can stuff with treats
Less expensive than KONG
Comes in different sizes
May be less durable than KONG for aggressive chewers

Note: Neither KONG nor Sumo products claim to be indestructible.

UPDATE: I finally tried kibble and water stuffed into Cricket’s toy then freezing it. It was so easy and she loved it. I’m going to keep doing this until she tires of it!

Cricket would LOVE to have more toys to chew on, so let me know if you have used other “stuffable” and/or super durable toys for your dog and how well they worked!

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Please share your favorite stuff:

  • Do you have an indestructible chew toy your dog likes?
  • How durable has this toy been?

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