Community Stories – June/July

Christian Gray has healed nicely after having foxtails lodged in his skin.
Christian Gray is feeling better!

Foxtails Are Painful and Can Be Deadly

Christian Gray, a rescued dog, caused quite a stir when his photo was posted on our RVing with Dogs group. He was found with sores all over his body due to getting many foxtails lodged in his matted fur. It was an awful sight but got many people to see what could happen to their dogs if they got these grass seeds lodged anywhere. We are happy to report that Christian Gray has healed very nicely and has a new family to take care of him!





Bloat: A Scary Affliction for Deep-Chested Dogs

One of our Facebook group members had to rush one of their standard poodles to the vet for possible bloat. They learned that they should always have all their dog’s medical information handy when they are with their dog(s) away from home. They also learned to find out where the nearest vet clinic or emergency vet hospital is in case of an emergency when they are on the road in their RV. Their dog is fine, but here is some information about bloat you might find helpful.

Know the signs and symptoms of bloat in your dog.
Chart compliments of Bernese Mountain Dog Association.










It’s summer so many people are out and about with their pets in their RVs. People are loving the time with their pets while camping for the weekend or living full time in their RVs. From dogs and cats to bunnies, macaws and sugar gliders they all need to stay cool while RVing. Don’t leave your pets in your RV if it’s going to be too hot. For more information about temperature monitoring systems or other ways to keep your pets cool in your RV, click on the links below.

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Hi, I'm Jeannie! I'm a full-time RVer with a lifelong need for travel. I used to be an elementary school teacher and had a dog training business in Washington State. I have had numerous pets throughout my life, and love to travel with them. I started my full time RV adventure with one dog and two cats. I currently have a dog who comes with my husband and me on our traveling adventures.

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