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Welcome to the Tires and Tails Community!

Who We Are

WELCOME to our community. We are Jeannie and Erick and have been RVing with pets for most of our adult lives. We created Tires and Tails in honor of our first RV pets.

Our first camping cat was Kitty. She was a fantastic traveler and went with us on many adventures in our 1972 VW camper van. We had no idea what we were doing other than keeping her comfortable in the van. Fortunately, she was easy-going and dealt with going from an apartment to traveling in a van for two months like a champ.

Faith and Bug were our next camping cats and were lucky enough to have a bigger space in our second RV, our travel trailer. We took them to Montana almost every summer from Washington State after I was finished teaching for the year. Although we learned a lot about how to RV with cats from Kitty, these two taught us even more. The movement of traveling was not something they loved, but when we stopped they were happy to be with us and recovered quickly to enjoy their new surroundings.

Next we added Bear, our lab mix, to our adventure pets. Before we started full-time RVing, we went camping in our travel trailer with all three – Faith, Bug, and Bear. We all coexisted quite well and learned a lot about how to live in a small space together.

When I retired from teaching, our little family took off in our third RV. Our fifth wheel gave us much more room to live the full-time RV life.

By this time, our three furry family members were all seniors. We made accommodations in the RV for all of them. Bear needed a ramp to get in and out of the RV. Bug and Faith needed separate spaces to keep the peace between the two of them since they were old and grumpy. They also needed heated beds for their aching bones.

After three years on the road, sadly, all three passed away within the same year. It was a rough year. We were so heartbroken.

Then, after some thought about how to memorialize all of our RV pets, we decided to create Tires and Tails.

Now you’ll find us traveling with Cricket, our one and only adventure dog (for now).

RVing With Pets

RVing with pets comes naturally with people who treat their pets like family.

We know we sometimes make our pet-less friends roll their eyes with our constant desire to talk about our pets. On top of that, we share photos of our adventures with our pets getting to do things our friends can only wish they were doing themselves!

Every pet is unique. RVing with pets adds an extra uniqueness to our lives. Tires and Tails is the place to find out how to tackle the issues and celebrate the successes of RVing with our pets.

In addition to this website, we have Facebook groups for RVing with Cats and RVing with Dogs. As a whole, Tires and Tails creates a community of like-minded people.

Everyone here loves animals. Many of us have done similar things with our pets and/or have similar challenges.

For each post, we want to share what we did and how that went, but then open up the discussion so you can hear what all sorts of owners have done for all sorts of pets. Hopefully, then, you can find one that fits your circumstance more accurately.

 Nobody rolls their eyes at a pet story here.

    • We love to talk about funny things our pets do.
    • We totally understand how wonderfully frustrating it is to figure out how to keep a happy rolling home for our pets.

How to Benefit Most from the Community

Tires and Tails is a community where we discuss all things about mobile pets. No matter how you are specifically traveling with your pets, there is something we can teach and learn about pets and travel from each other.

    • Learn from others through the articles on this site and stories in the Facebook groups.
    • By building a community of like-minded friends
    • Share with others what your experiences are:
        • In the Facebook Groups discussions (For Dogs, For Cats)
        • Ask others in the group for suggestions, recommendations, or advice
        • In the comments after a story/article topic
        • Ask lots of questions to get the type of information you want to know

RVing with pets is a special community. We’re so glad you’re here to join us.

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