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1) Wrapsit

The Wrapsit is a great invention for RVers who have small dogs and cats who travel with them.  It is a soft-sided, portable kennel that simply goes over the legs of your folding camp chair. When you fold up your chair, Wrapsit is then used as the carrying case. 

Your dog or cat can now go with you when you go to socialize around the campfire with other RVers and be able to sit, safely out of the way, securely under your chair.  No more worrying about if your dog or cat will get too close to the fire, sneak away while you aren’t looking or if your dog’s or cat’s leash will be wrapped around people’s feet. Available online at Amazon.

2) Nite Dawg LED Collar 

This collar by Nite Ize has an LED light strip incorporated directly into it! It’s perfect for nighttime walks in very dark or busy RV parks.

It’s nylon, water resistant, adjustable, and lightweight. It has two modes: a flash mode and a glow mode. You simply flip a switch. The replaceable battery lasts 75 hours in glow mode and 100 hours in flash mode.

They want to make sure all RV adventure dogs are safely walking with their owners at night, so this collar comes in X-Small to Large to accommodate all sizes of dogs. Available online at Amazon.

3) Nite Dawg LED Leash 

Paired with the Nite Dawg LED collar, you can be sure your dog and you will be seen walking in the RV park at night.

It has the same features as the LED collar in that the LED light strip is incorporated into the upper third of the leash. It, too, has a flash mode and glow mode and lasts the same amount of time as the LED collar with the replaceable battery: 75 hours in glow mode and 100 hours in flash mode. Available online at Amazon.

4) Kittywalk Deck & Patio Portable Enclosure 

The Kittywalk system is made from rip-stop netting over solid steel wickets, you know your kitty will be safe. It is completely enclosed, including the bottom, and has two doors. The enclosure is weather-resistant and the netting openings are only about one-inch square. Small openings mean that your kitty won’t be able to escape and most other critters won’t be able to get in, but your kitty can get tons of fresh air.

It’s perfect for RV adventure cat owners because it folds very flat when storing and is easy to set up once in camp. Adventure cats love it! Available online at Amazon.

5) Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed 

The Sleepypod mobile pet bed is a bed, carrier, and safety pod for your small pet in the car, RV, or truck. You simply thread your regular seatbelt through the Pet Passenger Restraint System (PPRS) components attached to the Sleepypod and buckle it in.

Sleepypod’s PPRS components designed by Sleepypod, secure a pet in a vehicle and restrict harmful movement during a sudden vehicle stop or frontal collision.  “Sleepypod is the first pet product manufacturer to test its pet safety restraints for cars at U.S., Canadian, and European child restraint systems standards with successful results,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer. 

You know your cat or small dog will be safe when traveling in the RV in their Sleepypod. Available online at Amazon.

6) Clickit Terrain Seatbelt Safety Harness 

The Clickit Terrain harness is lightweight, easy to use, and uses Sleepypod’s Infinity Loop design for more safety in a vehicle, including RVs. You simply thread the seatbelt through the Infinity Loops and buckle it. Your dog can sit or lie down easily while riding safely in your vehicle.

It has been crash-tested to meet U.S., Canadian, and European child restraint systems standards, just like the Sleepypod mobile pet bed. The Clickit Terrain is also strength tested for use as a walking harness.

This harness has tough, metal, slide buckles and the reflective patches on the sides can be swapped for service patches or other custom patches. In addition, you can add accessories like the Terrain Pack when you want to take your dog on long hikes.

The sizes range from Small to Extra Large. This allows for many adventure dogs to have an option for riding safely in any vehicle. Available online at Amazon.

7) Hyperkewl Cooling Pad & Blanket 

The Hyperkewl Blanket uses Hyperkewl fabric. You get it wet, wring it out and lay it flat for your pet. The evaporative cooling lasts 6 to 10 hours to keep your pet cool. It comes in blue or silver, and ranges from sizes extra small to extra, extra large. This can be a nice option for those dogs who are outside your RV quite a bit and need a little space to cool off.

The Drykewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad has a quilted, waterproof nylon outer and a Hyperkewl fabric inner. You simply take out the Hyperkewl pad, soak it and put it back into the liner. The cooling pad stays cool for 6-10 hours per soaking, but your pet, and your RV, stay dry.

Multiple sizes range from XS to XXL. And not that your dog is picky about color, but it comes in blue and silver. No matter the color, I’m sure your dog will love how comfortable he’ll feel during those warm days out RVing. Available online at Amazon.

8) KONG Rubber Chew Toys 

KONG toys that are able to be stuffed with food, like the KONG Classic or the Classic Biscuit Ball, are a great way to keep your dog entertained. Putting wet and dry ingredients together, like treats or kibble along with some water, and freezing the KONG toy can keep your dog mentally stimulated for a very long time.

Follow some of the recipes on our blog or just make up your own. Your dog will love you for making her time alone in the RV much more enjoyable. Available online at Amazon.

9) Loc8tor by Tabcat 

For those who travel with their RV adventure cats, the Loc8tor is a great tool for finding them if they wander off. All you do is attach the lightweight tracker to your cat’s collar and use the handset to track up to four cats with the dual directional hand set. When looking for your cat, a single red light tells you that you’re in range. Then as you walk in the right direction and get closer, the lights go to amber and then green guiding you right to your cat.

According to their website, “Tabcat can track your cat up to 400 ft in clear line of sight and guide you to within 1 inch of their location. Rest assured that while your cat is in range, you should always be able to find them. Cats tend not to wander very far, so in 99% of cases a quick walk about will find them.”

Many people train their cat to come back when they hear the beep on their collar tag. The beep is activated by pressing the locate button on the hand set. Associating the beep with a treat will mean that you might not have to go looking for your cat, she’ll most likely come back to you of her own free will.  Available online on Amazon.

10) Remote Temperature Monitors 

Temperature monitors are devices that track ambient temperature changes in your RV. They contact you if the temperature gets above a preset level so you know when to return to your RV to rescue your pets.

Since there are so many to choose from, you need to decide if you want one that connects via WiFi or cell signal. Some require a subscription to their monitoring service, while others do not. Many RVers recommend brands like Nimble, Temp Stick, MarCELL, Canary, Cell Sign, or AnimAlarm. You can find out a lot more details on this complicated subject in our Tires & Tails article specifically about Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Whichever brand you decide upon, you will have peace-of-mind knowing that you will be notified of any temperature changes that may affect your pet’s health.

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