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What is Your Preferred Scratching Post for Your Cats?

Our scratching post has saved the furniture in my RV as well as the silly carpeted areas that are on the trim of my slide-out. This RV manufacturer obviously didn’t think about traveling cats when they put carpet on the trim! My girl cat went for it right away, hence the need for a scratching post (since I wasn’t willing to put caps on my cat’s nails). The one we have fits the bill as it has a wide base for active scratchers and won’t tip over. It’s also tall enough for my boy cat who has a long body and long legs.

I’ve looked at, but not tried, other cat scratchers like wall mounted, cardboard, or even scratch mats you can mount to the corners of your couch.

Wall-mounted needs to be attached to the studs in your wall, especially if your cat scratches and wrestles with their post. This may not work well with RVers because some of our wall studs are metal and the wall siding is fragile.

Cardboard scratchers are usually the least expensive and easily replaced. Most lie flat on the floor and can fit pretty much anywhere, but there are some that are elevated for those finicky felines. They aren’t very durable though, and once the cat starts tearing into them, they can leave a bit of a mess. 

Scratch mats can attach to the corners of your couch, around the leg of a table, or replace the worn out sisal on an existing scratching post making them pretty versatile.

We all have to figure out would work best for us and our sweet, destructive and fickle kitties. If you haven’t yet, or have forgotten this remedy can also work away from a traditional house, I’ve listed some links below to help you get set up. But if you’ve figured out something even better, definitely let us know in the comments below. Let’s hear from the T&T community — it’s an ongoing battle for many of us.

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Please share your cat tips

  • Do your cats use a scratching post in your home or RV?
  • Which type works for your cats?
  • Have you found any unique or especially effective scratching posts for cats?

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