Community Stories – May

Adventure Cat Kisses a.k.a Put-Put

By David Edman

May I introduce you to Put-Put. It’s Filipino slang for FART. His real name is Kisses, but got this nickname because his farts set off the propane detector in the motorhome TWICE!


Smiley Bella

By MB Peterson

When I was looking for a dog to join our life I wasn’t sure about Bella. I rudely thought she is kinda plain. My last I adopted is bold black and white. But those big brown eyes kept saying, “Please take me.” I thought, “Oh my she’s young! This is sooo forever.” I heard myself say, “Yes.” Inside I was saying, “Why? You like spots ‘n’ tricolor.” But the eyes didn’t lie. She is one of my best friends. Always a foot away from me at most. When I lost my mother 3 months ago & my son the day before Mom’s funeral, Bella stayed right with me. I didn’t know her secret weapon to make me laugh every day. She smiles all the time. How could I have ever thought she was plain? I have been Blessed.


Tiger’s Drive-In Movie Adventure

By Annette Billingsley

When I was a kid, for some odd reason, Mom and I decided to take our cat, Tiger, with us to a drive in movie. Yes, sometime during the movie Tiger got out of the car. We both panicked, and thought well he is gone forever. So here we are outside going car to car quietly calling Tiger, here kitty kitty, looking under and around each car close to us. Yes, we found him, got back in our car and that was the end of Tiger’s movie adventures. He lived to be an old man and give us much fun and love.


Cat Rescued by Ranger

By J. Ellis:

So this happened at the campground this morning. We were walking our cat on his leash at the site. I fell, scared him, when he ran I reached for him and lost the leash. 4 hours later a camper heard him crying. Ranger went above and beyond the call of duty and retrieved this stinker from a tree. Harness and leash are no where to be found.

Learned lessons: need a better harness, no more leash walking, purchase a GPS tracker for his new harness.

Jeannie / Lead Writer, Tires & Tails

Hi, I'm Jeannie! I'm a full-time RVer with a lifelong need for travel. I used to be an elementary school teacher and had a dog training business in Washington State. I have had numerous pets throughout my life, and love to travel with them. I started my full time RV adventure with one dog and two cats. I currently have a dog who comes with my husband and me on our traveling adventures.

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