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Effective Pet Spot and Odor Eliminators for Your RV

I kid you not, when one of my cats would vomit in the middle of the night, it would get me up faster than any alarm clock! Sadly they are no longer with us. However, I still carry around a bottle or two of enzymatic cleaner in my RV for when my dog has “one of those days.”

What’s enzymatic cleaner? If you haven’t heard of them before, you’ll love them. It’s a cleaner that breaks down vomit, urine, and feces using enzymes so that they don’t leave a stain or odor. Also, some cleaners have the added bonus of eliminating pheromones so your pets will be less likely to mark in the same area as the previous mess.

There are different companies that make these cleaners and here are a few that I’ve used with good results: Nature’s Miracle, Out!, and Simple Solution. All can be found easily both online or in stores which is nice for the full-time RV lifestyle.

Each one has a variety of types and I usually buy the ones that have the strongest stain removing action. My RV is carpeted and I don’t want a bunch of stains left on it in the event of a pet mess or accident. But, the cleaners work on pet beds and other fabrics, as well as on hard floors. They are also pet and people-safe.

In addition, I’ve used them on old pet stains with mixed results. Sometimes they take the old stain out and sometimes they don’t. For tough old stains, a combination of enzyme spray and a heavy-duty stain remover may work best. But enzyme sprays with spot remover are definitely more effective on fresher stains. I guess it just depends on if the stain was created by organic messes, where they excel. And they are much more effective than common stain removers at eliminating odors for you and your pets.

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Please share your pet stories

  • What enzyme cleaner would you recommend?
  • Do you use other cleaners that help with pet stains?

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Jeannie / Lead Writer, Tires & Tails

Hi, I'm Jeannie! I'm a full-time RVer with a lifelong need for travel. I used to be an elementary school teacher and had a dog training business in Washington State. I have had numerous pets throughout my life, and love to travel with them. I started my full time RV adventure with one dog and two cats. I currently have a dog who comes with my husband and me on our traveling adventures.

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