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The Top 5 Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

Living with your dog in your RV gives you and your dog so much more time together. It’s a great time to learn how our dogs show us every day just how much they love us. Sometimes we miss it, but our dogs still keep telling us. Here are the top five ways your dog says I love you.

Looking you in the eyes.

If your dog is looking at you directly in the eyes, he’s telling you that he’s willing to accept and do a behavior that is not only considered rude in dog language, but can often be taken as aggressive.

According to Science magazine, when dogs look at their humans in a loving way, oxytocin is released. When sniffing oxytocin, it increased gazing in dogs. This effect then transferred to their owners, shown by the increased oxytocin in the owners’ urine. It’s the same hormone that mothers have while they are breastfeeding their infants. So, keep gazing into your dog’s eyes. It’s a feel-good, bonding experience.

Cuddling with you after a meal.

A dog’s first love is food. But, according to neuroscientist Gregory Berns, the author of How Dogs Love Us, it’s a strong sign that your dog loves you if he cuddles with you after eating. So, if this happens, then you are very high on your dog’s love list. In this case, being in second place is a very good thing.

Staying calm while you leave and after you’ve gone.

You start to pick up the keys or put your shoes on and your dog looks at you expectantly but doesn’t freak out. He accepts that he has to go into his crate or lie down on the couch and wait for your return. If this sounds like your dog, then your dog loves you and trusts that you’ll return. There’s no reason to panic.

If a dog does panic when you leave and destroys items while you’re gone, according to Gregory Berns, your dog most likely has separation anxiety. It’s not likely to be an overabundance of love, like some people tend to believe.

Being super excited when you return.

Does your dog bounce around like a jumping bean when you return home? Then your dog loves you. Those leaps and butt wiggles are genuine and show how much your dog really appreciates you. I bet you even get some kisses, too. That’s pure love.

Sleeping with or near you.

Letting your dog sleep with you or near you shows love.

According to Gregory Berns, dogs do not want to be separated from their pack. You and your family are its pack. If your dog loves sleeping with you or near you on their own bed, then it’s a sure sign they love you. They just want to be with you, all snuggled up and cozy, for a good night’s sleep.






Living in an RV allows for a greater bond with our dogs. They get to be with us most of the time. So, give your dog the love he deserves and he will love you right back. Your nomadic life will be that much more enriched.


To order Dr. Gregory Berns’ book How Dogs Love Us, click here.


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